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Welcome to this Anaphylaxis for a healthcare professionals video for the online course from ProTrainings. This course has two parts: the provider course and the healthcare professional section. This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are expected to deal with anaphylactic reactions during their usual clinical role. It is ideal for doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics and other healthcare professionals who work in and out of hospital environments. The course is generally for all sectors and in line with the UK resuscitation council recommendations.

This course is different because healthcare professionals are more likely to have advanced resuscitation skills and will have access to other forms of intramuscular injection of adrenaline as opposed to provider-level courses that just use auto-injectors. When applying the information from this course in your work role you should use the skills that you know and use regularly. This course can only give basic information and does not automatically make you able to you to use the systems discussed. If you have any doubts, you must discuss this with your manager or professional body. We have put some links where you can get more information in the download section of this course.

The course is designed to fit in with your schedule; you can re-watch videos and take a break whenever you need to. The course is broken down into topics. First, you watch the short video followed by a knowledge review to check that you fully understand each subject before moving onto the next one. When you have worked your way through the videos and knowledge reviews you will take the course test. You can review any video of the course at any time.

You can download a student manual to go with your course through the student download area. There you will find other useful material and links as well. Don't worry if you answer any quiz or test question incorrectly. You will be offered remedial help to enable you to fully understand every subject covered in the course. This course doesn't have to be taken in one sitting; you can leave the course and come back to it exactly where you left it. Once you pass the test, you can instantly print off your completion certificate, Certified CPD statement, and an evidence-based learning statement if you need one.