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Sometimes, one auto-injector is not enough. Now, your doctor may well prescribe you to have two. What would happen here, is if you've delivered one auto-injector, and you've found that you're feeling worse or you've just not got better at all, then it may be that you have a second one between five and 15 minutes after the first one. What you need to do with this, is you deliver the first injection in, and then, if you're not feeling well, get the second unit ready. 

Remember, these are single dose syringes, so you can't deliver it twice from one unit. So get a brand new unit, get it out of the packet, take the cap off and then inject yourself again. Make sure that the paramedics know exactly what's happened, that you've given two auto-injectors, because when they come, they may well give you further drugs, so they need to know what's actually in your system already. 

Having a second dose is not for everybody, so you must consult your doctor, and they won't prescribe something if they don't think that you need it. And this will be varying on different things like body size and also what's happened in the past. It may well be, that in previous attacks, you've needed two drugs, so, therefore, they may well prescribe the two. If you're caring for somebody else then, again, get advice from their parents or from themselves as to whether they need to have one or two doses.

  • Ensure the scene is safe
  • Ask permission to help the patient or parent/guardian 
  • Sit or lay the patient down   
  • Locate their auto-injector  
  • Give them the injector and allow them to use it
  • Activate the EMS by dialling 999 or 112  
  • Monitor, re-assure and calm the patient  
  • Even if they feel better to leave them laying or seated until the EMS arrives
  • Where needed the second auto-injector may be prescribed after 5-15 minutes
  • Monitor the time of onset and what treatment given then pass this information to the EMS