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What we are going to do now is discharge the three auto-injectors through a fine mesh. This will allow you to see the actual discharge of the needle through the mesh, the actual delivery of the drug and the power that the drug comes out with. And also then we will show you what happens to the needle to make it safe when we withdraw the needle from the skin. Please bear in mind this is done in a controlled environment to show you how it works but should not be done at home. Please do not try this. This was done under experimental conditions. The first one you are going to see is the Jext. You will see how, when the pressure is applied, the needle fires and the drug is expelled from the unit into the patient. And then, as we turn it on its side, you will see the needle removed and the needle cover comes over to take away any sharps risk. This one is the EpiPen. Again, as we press against the mesh, you will see the needle discharge. You will see the drug then discharged from the EpiPen itself and then, as we remove the needle from the skin, you will see that the needle cover in orange covers the needle completely and makes the needle, the sharps or reduces the risk of any sharps injuries from that actual EpiPen.

And finally, we are going to show you the Emerade. As we press the Emerade, again, the needle fires. Please note that the needle is much longer than the needles in the Jext and the EpiPen. It then discharges the drug again and then we turn it on its side and withdraw the needle from the mesh. You can again see the needle cover slide out to cover the needle completely. The bit that you didn't see off-camera was the distance that the actual adrenaline travelled once all three of the auto-injectors were fired. It hit our safety curtain at five meters and would have travelled further without the catchment area being in place. So be aware, when it does fire, it will hurt the patient slightly. They may jump and pull away. We have got to be careful to make sure that the needle stays in place until all the drug is discharged into the body.