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Now, we are going to look at training and practice. Now, the training element that you are doing within this course gives you the basic knowledge and the skills you need. However, training is all about keeping practising regularly with it. Now if you suffer from anaphylaxis, you have probably been given one of these training units to actually use. Now, the advantage of these training units is, you can practice on a regular basis. You can just make sure that you're happy in how to use the unit, how to deliver the drug, and you keep your skills fresh. But also, if you've got friends, well, get them to have a go as well. So, make sure your friends, the family have a practice with the unit. Make sure that you're happy. They can try using it on themselves or try using it on you. They are complete with no drug in them. They're completely safe and very, very easy to use.

With the Jext training simulator, it works exactly the same as a live unit. The only difference really with it, it has no drug in it, but also you can use it as many times as you'd like. So, you take it into your hand, you can pull the cap off and you can explain this to your friends and family, and they can have a go. Obviously, you wouldn't put it into your hand, I'm just going demonstrate here. So, you can push it down. You can show how the needle comes out and it's safe. And then to reset the unit, pop the cap back on to the top, push the end and then, it's ready to go again. With the EpiPen trainer, works very similar. Again, you can pull the cap off. You can push that down into the leg and it works exactly the same way.

Your pharmacist will be able to help you out with these or your doctor and then get as many people around you to practice and understand it. It's very important with anaphylaxis to make sure that not only you know what to do, but also people around you. This is how they can help you. If you are having an anaphylactic emergency, they need to know what your auto-injector looks like so that they can get it for you, they can take it out of the casing for you and hand it to you. Just makes it a lot easier and much quicker to get the drug inside your body.